Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back In Alaska...... again!

So we are back in Alaska for the second time.  We left Tucson AZ, visited Santa Fe, NM; Manhattan, KS; Silver Lake, KS; Rochester, MN; Box Elder, SD, Great Falls, MN; Canmore AB; Prince George, BC; New Hazelton, BC; Prince Rupert, BC.

Then by Alaska Marine Ferry to Ketchikan, AK; Wrangell, Petersburg, AK, Sitka, AK and finally Juneau, AK.

It took us about 12 days to find a place to stay on Easy Street.  It has taken us about the same to get internet hooked up... and it is still not available...hopefully soon.  People keep telling us, "You are in Juneau Alaska, you need to lower your expectations." I think it is more a "lack of competition" that we have seen in many isolated places.

That being said, we are amazed with the surrounding area.  We have been to all four corners of Juneau:  Echo Bay to the northeast, Thane to the southeast, Treadwell to the southwest and North Douglas / Peterson Creek to the North West.  We have also tried the beginning of a few trails but have been contained to the lower elevations due to the snow pack.  Lately, that has been melting and giving us many, many fast moving streams, waterfalls and avalanches so we need to stay out of those areas for now.  We have actually heard what sounds like thunder, and then look up to see huge avalanches!  We have not been anywhere underneath them, thankfully.

The ships are starting to arrive.  Slowly, but we are getting accustomed to working with them and the guests that they bring.  Our schedule is varied; from early mornings to late in the evenings.  We work when the ships come in.

Gwen and I both have been able to take a whale watching tour, but due to our work schedule we had to do it on separate evenings.  I have a clear evening and was able to see a pod of Orca whales.

On Gwen's trip it rained the whole evening. (She did get to see Orcas and a Humpback whale and some sea lions though)

 "That is what it does here in Juneau.....  It rains." We are getting used to doing everything in a very wet environment.


  1. Good to hear from you guys! Hope you get internet service soon, so we can see your posts. Do you get to work the same shifts usually, so you can ride share?


  2. Yep we work about the same times. Could very by 15 to 30 minutes, but not too bad. But we are about 30 minutes from the down town docks so yes we will always ride together.

  3. Have you been getting lots of hours?