Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sister-in-law's, forest ponds and another glacier....

Yesterday I got into this discussion with my sister-in-law about taking pictures on a cloudy rainy day.  She is currently taking a photography course and it was cancelled due to clouds and rain. REALLY...?  Then why do they sell water resistant cameras?  I informed her that one can still get a good interesting image even with rain and clouds.  So Gwen and I set out on a hike in the rain and clouds to capture some neat images.  The first two images were captured during the rain:

What would you call this image?
"Ent's Thimbles", "Nome's Pipe Organ"
What are your suggestions?

The farther we hiked the brighter it got.  Before we knew it we were under blue skies and full sun.  Then we happened upon this wood duck swimming and feeding on this cool forest pond.

It was at this point that we realized that we were only half way to the end of the trail which ends at Herbert Glacier.  Well a few more miles and about 80 some minutes later we rounded the trail and there it was...

Such an amazing view.  Next time I hope to get to the glacier and actually touch a large Alaska ice cube.

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  1. Oooh! I was featured! ;)

    I think bright clouds clearing to blue is still different. Try taking a picture of the glacier with a flat gray or white cloudy sky behind it instead of the pretty blue you got. Maybe he cancelled class because he thought the students wouldn't come. Most of our classes have been in inclement weather.

    Did you boost your saturation on the green and add rain on the ferns? The first image is really beautiful. I love the colors. Send me a print of that one, ok? ;) ;)

    Don't fall into any crevasses when you finally get to a glacier. It was a constant phrase when we were in Banff.