Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tour Reps on the Docks in Alaska....

We are Dock/Tour Reps in Alaska.  What does that entail?  When a Princess, Celebrity, Holland America, or one of the many other cruise lines arrive in Juneau...

Gwen and I will greet one of the tours sold on up to 6 cruise ships a day. We often start as early as 6am and can still be on the docks at 9:30pm!  Each cruise ship sells one of the many Allen Marine Tours specialty cruises to their passengers:

Our job is then to verify that each Allen Marine guest (there can be as many as 400 going from each ship) is getting on the correct Allen Marine tour, ensure they are getting on the right motor coach and expedite loading the coach so that it leaves at the correct time and is headed to the right location first...usually within a half hour from the guest leaving the ship.

There are many issues that can conflict with our prescribed activities.  There are bus issues, dock issues, boat issues and weather issues. 

We also want to help general passengers who are disembarking and have a multitude of questions: "Where are the best stores?... ATM's, Post Office, Roberts Tram, town shuttles, other tours or the best crab restaurant in Juneau?"... You mean Tracy's Crab Shack?

We have not tried this yet but understand that it is exceptional.  We did stop one day for a sample of their crab bisque and that was good.  We have found the Alaskan Crepe Escape and would recommend that to EVERY ONE visiting Juneau.

If you like strawberries and/or Nutella, they have an exceptional Strawberries and Nutella Crepe.  Do not try to walk and eat this delectable creation!  If you do, you may also be wearing it as a testimony to your indulgence.  I have not been able to get any images of these crepes, as each one I have ordered has not stayed around long enough to be captured by my camera.

Now, one thing I did capture on my camera, was when I was trying to get all the activity in the Juneau Harbor one day.  I thought I had a good picture and when I got back to my computer, I found that it was  even better than I thought...I felt like I was back home in my great mid-west state. (Notice the state flag)

  Well, it looks like our week of sun had passed and tonight the rain is starting to fall again.  Juneau weather has come back home again.

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