Monday, May 20, 2013

How close am I really to that object...?

As I stated yesterday we would discuss the perspective in Alaska.  This is a picture of Nugget Falls flowing into Mendenhall Lake at the base of Mendenhall Glacier.  I am on the West Mendenhall trail one of the many hikes that we have taken.  This trail will take us up to Mendenhall Glacier and some ice caves later this summer.  We are about 1.25 miles from the falls and about 500 feet above the falls.

This next image is from directly in front of the falls.  I am using my small (28-135) lens and probably at 28.

This next image if from the side of the falls again with my small lens again.  You can see Mendenhall Glacier in the back ground.  This falls is about 377 feet tall and about 100 feet wide.  With out a recognizable item that is close by it is hard to get the true perspective of the falls.  You can try to make a determination with the surrounding trees but not knowing the actual size of the trees then again it is hard to make a good guess how large the falls really are....

Now, once you put people next to the falls, you can see the true massive size of the falls.  That is how it is here in Alaska.  Without a good reference point, it is really hard to tell the true size of a mountain, cliff, rock or waterfall.

Tomorrow we will show you a few of the other waterfalls that we have wandered past in our travels.

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