Saturday, September 29, 2012

So we have been back from Alaska for about a month, and what have we been up to...?

We have done two Alaska Presentations...

We have moved our motor coach from summer storage at our friends in Silver Lake to Manhattan Kansas (with the boys for a few weeks) and then to Altamont, Kansas. Each time we have moved the coach it has been in the rain. Our first move included the aid of a large tow truck as we found out that a motor coach does not do well in the mud. We also found out that as you move you need to be consistently checking each area of the coach. While slowing down and turning right into a small town, Altoona, Kansas we lost our basement slide out the driver side of the coach. By the time we were able to get back to the place that we lost the slide there were two folks who had already stopped and were helping to pick up the debris. Later a young man stopped to help and when talking realized he had graduated from Holton High School while we were there.  The only real issue was the tote that had all of our old pictures.  It was shattered and looked like it had snowed with our pictures in the ditch. This was one of the first pictures that Gwen found under the slide.....

Along with a few of the others that we found.....
Were they really that small at one time...?

We are getting comfortable in Altamont as well as with the Coach and starting to learn all the appliances, workings and quirks of the unit.

View from our front windows.......

We were to start at on Monday (9-17-12) but due some office issues at Amazon we did not start with Orientation till Thursday (9-20-12) and Friday (9-21-12). That is when we found that our schedule will be 5:30 PM till 4:00 AM Wednesday through Saturday. But hey, we get three days off and we can stay in contact with our boys when we get off work as they seem to be up that late on Friday and Saturday nights anyway..... 

We are in the Stow department. After items are delivered to the Amazon receiving department we then stow the items in the bins for the pickers to retrieve and fill their orders.

Next issue;
"What?  Gwen gets a dishwasher...."


  1. WOW! A dishwasher? I don't have one of those... Did you get all your pictures recovered?

  2. Ah! They were so cute.
    Bummer. I didn't know you meant loose pictures were in the ditch. I thought you meant picture frames.