Monday, September 2, 2013

So the countdown has begun....10 More days of work!

It is hard to believe that this is the final two weeks here in Juneau.

We arrived here in April amidst snow storms.

In May were went through training, started greeting the ships and moved into our apartment.

June brought many hikes, adventures, tourists and whales!

By July we had already had a month of sun, the salmon were running, the bears were eating and the fireweed was in full bloom.  Native folklore states that summer will end six weeks after the top flower on the fireweed blooms....

August had us wondering if it would ever rain again.  Which it did.  We also started to realize that not only is our time in Alaska coming to an end but so is the summer season.   The fireweed is gone, the salmon runs are getting slower and smaller and the sun is setting sooner and sooner.


We just have 10 more days to enjoy this amazing area.  On September 14th we will start our two week drive to join all of our many friends and family in the lower 48...

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