Monday, September 16, 2013

Heading north to go south..? Only in Alaska...

We left Juneau on Saturday at about 7:00 AM on the Alaska Marine Highway, aboard the Taku Ferry.

Just when we thought we were on our own, we found some friends we had worked with this summer! (They work for the bus company that takes all our tourists to their Whale Watching Tours.)
Now we had some Traveling Buddies for the day.  It took the sting out of having to say "goodbye".

Once we left Auk Bay we turned north up Favorite Channel.

Our final destination on the Alaska Marine Highway was Skagway.
The farthest northern port on the Alaska Inside Passage.

Once in Skagway we headed up to the Canadian border.
Up being farther north and up in altitude.

After a night in Whitehorse YT, we headed east on the Alaskan Highway.

Then at about 3:00PM on Sunday we finally started to head south on the Cassiar Highway.
This is an amazing area.  We would recommend the drive to anyone.

However, it was not till Monday that we were finally driving south of Juneau's latitude.
We were just on the opposite side of the Juneau ice fields.

From: Rick & Gwen; heading south.

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