Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tomorrow is our last day working in Alaska for 2013....

Yes, this summer has flown by.  It is hard to believe that in three days we will be embarking on our long trek home.
It was made even more apparent that summer is over this past Sunday, when we visited the Mendenhall wetlands.  One of the last images that I took of the wetlands was when the fireweed was in full bloom.  This was back on July 22.

Now the color in the fireweed is gone.  Many of the seed pods are now breaking open, making it look like many dandelions have exploded.

To be fair to the fireweed... all of the plants, including the Wild Celery, have died and are losing their seeds. 

It is that time of year; when Winter is starting to wake up and it is evident that Summer is heading south.  

There are not many trees with leaves up here to change color as the temperature starts to drop.  But those that do are in full color.  Some started changing back in July. 

This may be our last post from Alaska, but we will keep posting from Canada, or wherever we are in the USA.  Where will we be next..?  Stay tuned.

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