Sunday, August 18, 2013

This is the week for Randomness....

We have had a few random days off, and many random hours of work.
So, why not have a random blog.

Just a few more Truffula Trees.

More Mendenhall Glacier Ice

A Black Bear at Mendenhall Glacier

 Eagle feather at Echo Cove.  Make sure that you only look, cannot pick it up!

Do the mountains ever end here?

The roads do end here.  Echo Cove; at the end of the north road in Juneau.

End of the Run for salmon in Sheep Creek

End of the season for Fireweed.

End of the day in Mendenhall Valley, Juneau, AK.

End of the hanging glacier over Mendenhall Glacier.

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  1. All gorgeous. I still would like to spin the truffala fluff. We need a replacement for cotton.