Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where have we been for the past week?

Mostly, we have been working this past week.  We are in the peak tourist months here in Juneau.  We have been able to do some hiking though.

During those hikes Gwen has been collecting rocks.  It is truly amazing how many different types of rocks there are in a very small area.

The three rocks below were picked up within about three feet of each other... (and they are just the green ones)...there were also red, black, white and gold....

July also starts bringing the salmon upstream.  They will give it everything they have to swim, jump and slide up their native stream to spawn.

Along with this activity, come increased obstacles and hazards as well.  These obstacles and hazards come in many shapes and sizes.  They do not just include rocks, waterfalls and sand bars.


What is most amazing to us is that these salt water fish, when they enter the fresh water, actually start to die.  As they wait to spawn they actually start to decay in the fresh water.  Then, once they spawn, they will die.  They fight to stay alive so that they can die, because once the salmon leaves the salt water, it will never return.

As you can seen everywhere in Alaska, as one thing dies another will grow up and take its place.

 When you actually stop and watch it happen, it is truly amazing.

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