Saturday, July 6, 2013

The 4th of July in Alaska.

So how do you do fireworks in Alaska?  The land of the midnight sun?  Well here in Juneau they actually do their fireworks at 12:00AM.  Needless to say, since we had to leave for work at 5:45am, we did not attend them.

However; we were able to attend the 4th of July parade, as they had to shut down both roads downtown for two hours.  No tours were able to depart at this time.

It was quite a parade...  it had antique fire trucks:

and big yellow trucks.

There were bored dogs.

and bored participants.

Even Super Heros...

And Super Villians attended the parade.

There were individuals from outer space

and individuals from other lands.

We even saw Uncle Sam.....

Thanks to all those who have helped us keep and/or maintain our freedoms here in the US of A.


  1. RICK !!!!!! I may be behind the times, but did you and Gwen MOVE to Alaska ?!?!? GREAT pics !!!!!!

  2. Nope, just came back for a second summer. Last summer we were on Prince of Wales Island. This summer we came a little farther north and are in Juneau.