Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Really, another rainy day in Juneau?

Yep, we had our second day in a row with rain this week.  So what to put on the blog?  Well,  I went back into my approximately 8750 photo files.  One of my goals was to get some images of the Orca here in Alaska.  Here are some of the images that I have taken so far.

This first group was in a real hurry to get to up north.  They were moving fast and really hard to capture pictures of.  When the male decided to take off, he really went.  He outran our boat going twice as fast as us.

At another time this mom and calf tried to sneak under our boat.   They gave me some excellent images.


Later, the calf decided to try and fly.  It did not succeed, but I have to wonder.  What did that fisherman think when he saw that mammal jump out of the water just a few yards away.  It was definitely the size of his boat if not larger.


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