Saturday, June 1, 2013

What to talk about tonight?

 I want to share some more about our jobs here in Juneau.  As Tour/Dock Reps we go through a lot to move people from one boat to another boat.  Many days we work in the rain.  This was one of those days:

In both of the above images Gwen is working on the docks checking in an Evening Whale Quest tour. We make sure that people get back from their evening tours in time to board their ship before it departs. These people were excited that they had seen both adult and juvenile Orca breaching, even with the rain.

Here are some pics of Juneau in the rain:

 I also wanted to congratulate Gideon on his correct observation about the blog!

 Until tomorrow...

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  1. Are you working constantly during the day, or do you have to get there really early and then have a long break while everyone is on there tours, and have to be back in the evening?