Friday, June 7, 2013

A weekend off! Yeah

Well, after a 56 hour week last week and a 43 hour week in 4.5 days, we got this afternoon and this weekend off.  At first we were going to go up the Mt Roberts Tram.  Then we found out that we could go on the Evening Whale Quest.  So, we did.

First, we saw the Faust Rock buoy which is a favorite hang out for the Stellar sea lion.

Then we headed past Point Retreat lighthouse for some cool shoots.....  That is when the Evening Whale quest began....

This was Gwen's first shot with my small camera.  Not too bad, I would think.

And the little guy would not stop breaching...

He played and entertained the guests for over 20 minutes.

Tomorrow on our day off we will take a trip to Tracy Arm (a fjord about 2 hours south of Juneau).  From what I understand it has two tidal glaciers that calve directly into the ocean.  It is a seven hour round trip.  Will definitely have to take all three of my 8gig cards for that one.

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