Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our Blog is starting off a bit slower then we had hoped.  But the internet is even slower then we had hoped.  We are restricted from sending any images over the internet here.  We will try to update it as much as possible and then if/when we get to town we will update with images.

I have been out on the boat a few times in the ocean but tomorrow will be my first day out solo.  I have seen whales, sea otters, and seals.  I have caught a ling cod and a halibut.  Just today i walked out of the warehouse and saw an eagle drop down about 50 yards away.  It picked up a fish out of the water and flew away.

The other day we (all the guides, customers and I) were all called back due to severe weather.  The winds were getting up over 35 mph and the seas were choppy with 2-3 foot white caps.  We (my trainer and I) were on our way back when a boat with customers broke down out on the ocean.   We were called to go back the 2-3 miles of rough open water and transfer the guests onto my boat and get them off the ocean.  However, on the way out, the tow boat caught up with us so there was not much time spent out there.  Just the 6 mile round trip on the ocean.

Will let you now how my day goes tomorrow.  I will also let Gwen have some time on this as well.......


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  1. I guess u will get the priviledge of typing everything offline & then copy & pasting. Glad you two are doing well. Love u both.