Friday, June 29, 2012

Another week is in the books here in Alaska.......

I wake up every day amazed that we are here.  I have been able to drive my boat solo across a few inlets with less than a quarter mile visibility with only my plotter and radar.  Talk about faith....  Heading into 600+ foot deep water with 6-8 foot swells and/or waves, knowing that land is out there.  But it is a few miles away, if I go in the right direction....  I feel that there is some sort of life lesson here in this adventure.

My boat has been running great for the past few days.  I have also found an area on my daily morning run heading out into the ocean that has great cell phone reception for about 15-20 minutes.  If you would like a call at about 7:30am Alaska Time, let me know.

I am also starting to get on a roll with the pictures here.  I am getting good reviews from both staff and guests.  Some of the guests are getting into the store looking for the daily images, before I can get there and get them posted.  We area also selling them, which i guess is why I am here.

Well reality is starting to hit some of the staff here.  We have been here about a month "stuck" in an island on an island and some are getting island fever.  If you are lucky enough to get off the island and boat to Craig, Alaska.  I will remind them that they still end up on the same island, but it is a more civilized part of the island.  There are paved roads, cars, power lines and people along with a True Value, grocery store and two sporting good stores.....  Oh, I can't forget the pizza place.  That said we have had two staff leave for various reasons.  Even in all this beauty there can still be conflict and dissatisfaction.  Again, I feel that there is some sort of life lesson here in this adventure.

If Gwen and I ever get a day off together then I might have to take her "off" the island for Pizza.  I sure she would accept the change from all of our prior dates to Sam's club for a hot dog and four-berry sundae.

Today we actually saw blue sky.... through the clouds.  We don't get blue sky a lot here.  It is mostly gray sky, gray fog and gray rain.  Maybe that is why it looks like a rain forest here.  I can't complain as that makes for great pictures as the fog does reflect the light quite well.  However, three days of sun in the past month does leave us missing the sun.  Now I know that there are many of you in the midwest that would trade abundance of sun for our lack of sun, but I can't do that right now....

P.S. I added a picture for you......

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  1. Stunning! I remember those gray days in Bellingham...but they always made you thankful for/appreciative of the blue sky days when they came.

    Enjoying your blog and pictures!
    Susan for the Watsons