Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The stitches are out... Tomorrow I will be able to take off the butterfly band-aids and the head should be back to normal...  As normal as I can be...!
Had a day off today and caught a Coho Salmon, by the tail literally.  Gwen will have her day off tomorrow.  First salmon in the fishing box for this year. But I do have about about 35-40 pounds of fresh shrimp in the fish box and Gwen and I de-headed over 75% of them....!

That is a story I will have to post on the blog later...

Off to supper.  Will have to see what the Crew chef had for us tonight.  Last night we had BBQ Ribs, onion rings, twice baked potato's, Salmon filet's, rice pilaf and vegetable stir fry.  Not bad for a Tuesday night meal...  Hope Gwen does not get use to that menu...!

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  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying things up there. Wanda keeps saying - "wish we could join them" - how fun would that be?!!! Glad to hear the head wound is healing.