Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Saga continues

I will try to sum this up in a short paragraph or two.  So much has happened since Rick's last/first post that we have barely had a chance to breathe!
We sold the house in early March and are renting it back until May 31st, when we will fly to Alaska to work at the Waterfall Resort.  Rick got his dream job of being a photographer for the resort for the summer.  Gwen will work at the General Store and help sell his pictures!  Check  out Waterfall's website at to see where we will be!
We will return to KS from Alaska sometime in late August where we will hang around until October.  We have already secured jobs at as part of their CamperForce.  We will help fill orders at their distribution center in Coffeyville, KS until December 23rd. 
From there we plan to drive back to Manhattan, KS, where we will spend Christmas with Gabe and Gideon...possibly driving to Tuscon, AZ to see Rick's parents.
Here are some pictures of the beautiful new home we will be living in.  These are pictures the former owners took when they were trying to sell it.  They are wonderful folks that live in Manhattan and were extremely patient and helpful to us in purchasing this.

We have seen God prepare the way for us each step of the way for us to get to this point.  There are so many "back stories" it is unbelievable almost! Ask us and we will be happy to share those with you.
This weekend we will be having a major Moving Sale to get rid of anything that does not fit into this new home...that does not leave much to keep.  We are excited to see where we will be able to go and what we will be able to accomplish with God's guidance in our future.  Come along with us on this trip!  We want to share it with you.

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